17 Aug 2017

Jetpack Distribution acquires international rights to Boj from Pesky

Global kids content distributor Jetpack Distribution today announces it has acquired international rights to British and Irish animated preschool children’s series Boj, a co-production between Pesky, Kavaleer and Clothcat Animation.

The show, created by BAFTA-winning director Claire Underwood, Pesky partner David Hodgson and EMMY-winning writer Dave Ingham, features Aussie veteran pop sensation Jason Donovan as Boj’s dad Pops.

Boj delivers creativity, laughter and catchy tunes and is already attracting a worldwide following.  This animated comedy series of 50 X 11-minute episodes and 1 X 22-minute special centres around Boj the bilby, a rare burrowing Australian bandicoot originally from the Outback. Boj has moved to his new home in the diverse community of Giggly Park where he discovers that ‘everybody’s different but he digs them all the same.’ The neighbours have never met anyone quite like Boj and his back-to-basics musical parents, yet with his charmingly improvised ‘Boj-a-boom’ ideas he brings the community together like never before!

Boj has aired on broadcasters including Sprout, ABC and CBeebies, where it is a regular top ten ratings performer. Boj’s growing popularity is evidenced by the recent opening of an entirely Boj-themed visitor attraction. A £850,000 investment by West Midland Safari Park now brings Boj and his colourful world to life for his many young fans in the heart of England.

Jetpack Distribution CEO Dominic Gardiner says: “We’re delighted to welcome the loveable Aussie bilby to the Jetpack stable. It’s a fun show that appeals to pre-school audiences through funny characters, bizarre situations and lively music. We’re looking forward to presenting the show at MIP in October.”

David Hodgson of Pesky Productions, Boj’s co-creator, adds: “Dominic and his expert Jetpack team are the perfect partner for Boj. Not only do they match his enthusiasm, which isn’t easy, they also have their own Boj-a-boom ideas for seeing the series reach an even bigger audience globally. We are very excited to be launching our partnership at MIP.”


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