14 Jun 2018

Yoko Producers and Jetpack Distribution launch free kids app “Yoko” to promote Outdoor Games

Today independent global kids TV distributor Jetpack Distribution, Wizart Animation, Dibulitoon and Somuga announce the launch of a newly created free (and advertising free) app based on top pre-school show Yoko, that promotes Outdoor Games. The app “Yoko” is available from Google Play now and Apple’s App Store soon.

Yoko is suitable for Android and iOS and offers fun outdoor games with an interface designed especially for children aged 4-7 years and their families. Children can choose a game and tell the app how many are playing, what elements they want to use (such as a ball, handkerchief or skipping rope) and what they are in the mood for (e.g. running, laughing, being still). The app then offers a one minute animated short explaining the game step by step. It offers more than 50 games tailored for varying numbers of children, and with a simple interface empowering them to choose how and with what they want to play. Yoko is an app that you can use offline, in the park, in the mountains, or on the beach, without having to be connected to the network. The app will be continually updated with more games in newer versions.

Yoko is produced by Wizart Animation, Somuga and Dibulitoon Studio and is commissioned by RTVE and ETB in Spain. The show currently airs in 60 countries across the world and has amassed 25m views on YouTube. Season two is currently in production and due for delivery Autumn 2018.

Yoko follows the adventures of three children who simply love to play outside. The enthusiasm and energy they put into their games awakens the magical creature called Yoko. Yoko takes ordinary children’s games and turns them into extraordinary adventures, making every day in the park a new and exciting challenge.

Jetpack Distribution’s CEO Dominic Gardiner says: “Yoko has seen phenomenal success across the globe, both through the show and licensing programme. As we continue to extend the brand’s footprint, this app gives us a brilliant opportunity to draw on the values of the show and create something really engaging for young children and their families.

While yes, we are in the business of TV, getting kids to play outside is hugely important and this offers an intuitive and fun way for them to do so. Yoko promotes a love and respect for the outdoors and showcases social skills that help children create and collaborate in groups.”

Juanjo Elordi, director of Yoko TV Series and App says: “Most of us have experienced a moment where our kids are full of energy and want to play a group game, but nobody quite knows how best to instigate that – well the Yoko app fills that gap! Children love to play outdoors. Playing is how they learn. We want to provide ample opportunities for children to play together, be it just two of them or in a larger group. Sometimes kids might have a ball, sometimes a box or sometimes nothing! This app will always offer a game they’ll love!”


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