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Bogan Entertainment Studios is a highly experienced animation studio based in Melbourne, Australia. BES conceives, creates, designs and produces 2D animation for film, television, TVCs and multimedia. Their work includes: Kitty is Not a Cat, Exchange Student Zero and Monster Beach.


Shows by BES Animation

Kitty is not a Cat

It's a comedy with a great big heart and a little pretend tail

2D Animation Series Older Kids

Kitty is Not a Cat is an animated series about a little girl ‘Kitty’ who has a big imagination and a whole lot of courage. She is at the age where a child feels they can be anything they want, even a cat. Kitty arrives on the doorstep of a house full of partying felines. These carefree creatures suddenly find their lives turned upside down as they attempt to teach her how to be a human when Kitty actually prefers living the life of a cat.

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