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A leading NZ indie, Greenstone produces some of New Zealand and Australia’s favourite series, including long-running prime-time hits such as Motorway Patrol, Border Patrol. Specialists in observational reality, the Greenstone team also create top-quality documentaries, including The Women Of Pike River, Decades In Colour and Keeping It Pure. We make drama too, most recently teen-sci-fi thriller The Cul de Sac.

Greenstone is part of the CJZ Group (Sydney-based Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder) and are the largest independent producers of content in Australasia.

We’ve won numerous awards, made millions of people laugh, and cry -and have achieved great ratings at the same time.


Shows by Greenstone TV

The Cul de Sac

What happens when technology stops working and all the adults vanish?

Series Older Kids Live Action Teens

Rose wakes in her warm bed, in her lovely house, in her perfect cul-de-sac, on what she thinks is a normal day. Her annoying younger brother Tom, wants her to make him breakfast and her even more annoying sister Eliza, wants her to fix the internet. Already late for her weekend job at the local Aquatic centre, Rose rushes out of the house only to discover the world has turned on its head… all the technology has stopped working and the adults have mysteriously vanished.
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