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About Lil Critter Workshop

A full service production house that specialises in content creation and development.

They strive to make top quality, original content for a variety of purposes - television shows, educational media, advertisements, interactive entertainment and more.

The studio works in cooperation with creative professionals from around the globe and strives to create original, fun content with high production values.


Shows by Lil Critter Workshop

Buck and Buddy

It's tomorrows world, it's do or be done!

2D Animation Series Older Kids Shorts

Buck the beetle and Buddy the stick insect are an unusual pair of allies. Sometimes friends, sometimes foes, they are always trying to get what they need to survive, gathering used, useful but mostly useless objects that have been discarded in the various wastelands that they call home. As best of friends they must learn to live, compete and play in the world they find themselves in.
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