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Ladybird and Bee

For bestie beasties Ladybird & Bee, Wild Meadow is the whole world

2D Animation Series Younger Kids

Ladybird and Bee tells charming stories of the natural world, as seen from the perspective of two very tiny best friends. Through Ladybird and Bee’s adventures, we get up close with the fascinating creatures that call Wild Meadow home, learning things about their habitat along the way.

This series allows young audiences to discover the wonder of nature alongside these lovable characters, encouraging them to have their own tiny adventures outside.

A celebration of biodiversity, Ladybird and Bee conveys the key message that everyone has their own important part to play in life – no matter how small they are.

 Natural by name and natural by nature, Ladybird & Bee was created and produced sustainably to reduce the production’s carbon footprint. The albert calculator and sustainable production certification was used to measure and reduce the production’s carbon footprint.

 Through a celebration of biodiversity, this series celebrates diversity in all things. Everyone has their part to play in creating a happy, healthy, balanced world.

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