About Pesky

Pesky Productions is a multi-award-winning animation studio based in the UK. They create The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers, Invisible Network of Kids and much more.

The company was founded by Claire Underwood and David Hodgson in 1995. In 2014 Pesky completed their first pre-school production Boj. The series is now championed by some of the world’s best kids broadcasters!


Shows by Pesky


Lets get Boj-ing!

2D Animation Series Younger Kids

Boj is a bilby, a rare burrowing Australian bandicoot, and his very different neighbours have never met anyone quite like Boj and his back-to-basics musical parents! Packed full of creativity, laughter, catchy tunes and community spirit, this animated series celebrates Boj’s first friendships in his new home, Giggly Park, where he loves to pop up with brilliant ‘Boj-a-boom’ ideas, bringing the diverse residents together like never before… Lets get Boj-ing!

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