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About Pop-Up Workshop

Pop-Up Workshop is a production company based in Auckland, New Zealand that specialises in communicating with children in a fun and entertaining way. The company primarily uses puppetry as a way of creating huggable characters that children can relate to.

Work includes Imagine With Rufus, The Moe Show and Ratbag.


Shows by Pop-Up Workshop

Moe and Friends

Play, learn, sing, and dance with Moe!

2D Animation Series Younger Kids

Join Moe & Friends in all new adventures. Moe is a furry, friendly monster based on the legend of the Moehau Monster - New Zealand’s answer to Bigfoot. ‘Moe & Friends’ follows the adventures of Moe, Fern the Fairy, and Frank the Fantail, as they go about their day on Mount Moehau, at the tip of New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula. Each episode reflects a typical summer's day: In the morning, Moe explores his environment and learns through imaginative play. In the afternoon, Moe joins his friends for an adventure, and learns through social interaction. In the evening, Moe and friends sing a song that sums up their experience of the day.

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Michal & Moe

It’s a fun collaboration, a cause for celebration!

Series Younger Kids Live Action Puppet

Michal and Moe is a collaboration between award-winning children's musician Michal Bush, and New Zealand's favourite furry friendly monster Moe. Each of the episodes centre around a simple concept (Shapes, Numbers, Animals, Letters & Words, Food, Sounds, Vehicles and Colours) presented with ‘songs and jokes and silly stuff’ to make the series both educational and entertaining.

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Pop Up

Get inspired and learn with Rufus

Series Younger Kids Live Action Shorts Puppet

This television series was inspired by the belief that many problems in young children stem from the gap between the haves and the have-nots.The message of Pop-Up is to be happy with what you have. If you use your imagination, like Rufus, you can have everything you ever wanted within the four walls of your bedroom, using only common household items.
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The Moe Show

Moe tries to make sense of the world

Series Younger Kids Live Action Puppet

Moe is a friendly, furry monster who lives with his Teddy in their tree house on top of Mt Moehau in the Coromandel. The Moe Show follows Moe as he explores New Zealand, meeting new friends and making interesting discoveries about the places he goes to.
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