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Hello Maestro! (Once Upon a Time)

Evergreen series dealing with educational topics

2D Animation Series Older Kids

1/ Once upon a time...MAN

The story of Earth and Humanity, from Big Bang till 20th century with projection into the future. Three episodes deal with Prehistory, following topics are Fertile Valleys, the First Empires, Greece, Rome, then 18 episodes deal with contemporary history and future.

2/ Once upon a time... SPACE

A journey into Space. From one planet to another, our friends (same characters as “Once upon a time...Man”) lead us to discover other worlds and other life forms in a fascinating adventure full of humour, poetry, philosophy and mythology.

3/ Once upon a time...LIFE

A journey into the human body. We are in the very core of the human being and the cells, mineral salts, viruses... are personified and look like the famous characters of the “Once upon a time...” series. We discover how the body works with Maestro’s playful comments whose office is situated inside the brain. Goods (such as white blood cells) are fighting against Nasties (the Pest and the Dwarf are aggressive viruses or bacteria), in order to keep the body healthy and have it work properly.

4/ Once upon a time... AMERICAS
Our familiar characters (Maestro, Pierrot, the Pest, the Dwarf...) live the History of the whole American Continent (north and south) from the invasions of the Eurasians crossing the dry Bering Detroit...We also learn about Jacques Cartier in Canada, Cortès in Mexico, Bolivar in Venezuela... About the USA, we get to know more about the War of Independence, the Goldrush, and the Indians fight...

5/ Once upon a time... THE DISCOVERERS
This is the exciting story of the great discoveries and of those who made them, and therefore shaping the world to make it as it is today. From Chinese writing to the invention of the automobile, taking us from electricity, to vaccination, and measurement... Maestro guides us through the centuries, introducing us to famous Newton, Galileo, Faraday, Edison, Darwin, Gutenberg, Einstein, and Marie Curie.

6/ Once upon a time... THE EXPLORERS
This is a counterpart to "... the Discoverers" who took us along the route to discovery of scientific knowledge. "The Explorers", on the other hand, take us to unknown lands and horizons. They will show us how we came to know our planet which, a very few centuries ago, we must never forget, was just a terra incognita...

7/ Once upon a time... PLANET EARTH

Maestro draws the children's attention to the importance of Sustainable Development. Our familiar young heroes are now secondary school pupils, aged 13 and 14 years. They are confronted to problems related to global warming, pollution, drought, and decrease of energy resources.
With Maestro they always try to find out some realistic and optimistic evolution to all these situations still in respect of humanist values and solidarity.

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