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About Sardinha Em Lata

A Portuguese animation film production company created in 2007. They seek to promote and contribute to the development of the animation film industry in Portugal, which they want to see position itself alongside the European markets.

​They maintain a commitment to projects of longer duration, such as series and feature films, as this is what allows them to gain visibility in the international animation film industry.

​They continue to invest in short films as an experimental laboratory where they develop different techniques and give opportunities to new writers.


Shows by Sardinha Em Lata

Alice's Diary

Understanding the world through art

2D Animation Series Younger Kids

A magical insight into the very individual thoughts of Alice, our adorable, quirky and highly imaginative 6 year old lead, as she invites us into her beautifully illustrated diary. Alice's wonder, inquisitiveness and unique view of the world are shared with us through her off beat,funny and engaging conversations with her Mum 'Ana'. And as Alice talks she draws and as she draws her pictures come to animated life, adding an immediate and captivating comedic visualisation of what she is thinking.

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