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The Woohoos


2D Animation Series Younger Kids

It’s an upbeat, preschool comedy, showcasing nature that children recognise, and celebrating the joy of discovering the outside world. Each episode brings an exciting ‘Ooo” moment, a new discovery that needs explaining, and then when the characters find the answer they say “Woohoo.” The little Woohoos discover dancing bees, things that float and things that don’t and how you find your way, even without a map.

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The Singalings

Musical Adventures with Harmony, Melody and Bop

2D Animation Series Younger Kids Shorts

Three inquisitive and eager Extra-terrestrials, Melody, Harmony, and Bop, are here to discover all they can about Earth! Our excitable little Singalings can't help but sing-a-long as they explore Earth and all it has to offer! A sing-a-long visit to the zoo, a beach, a funfair and even a ride on the bus - the Singalings love to investigate!

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