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Turnip & Duck is an award-winning, Dublin-based production company producing a variety of work across TV, radio and digital platforms. Bringing together the producing, directing and writing talents of Colm Tobin and Aidan O'Donovan, the company was established in 2016 to develop and produce original IP, with a particular focus on animation and off-kilter comedy for kids.


Shows by Turnip & Duck

Critters TV

Meeting the native wild animals of Ireland as they've never been seen before

2D Animation Series Younger Kids Family Hybrid

Can you imagine animals watching nature documentaries on TV? Badgers giving out about foxes, owls laughing at otters, or foxes fighting over the remote control...?

Well on Critters TV, for the first time in the history of television, we get the animal's-eye-view on nature docs, discover what are furry friends are really thinking, and learn some amazing facts about the natural world along the way!

Featuring a cast of hilarious cartoon animal families, from fun-loving foxes to filthy fleas, oddball squirrels to very silly owls, Critters TV shows us Irish wildlife like it’s never been seen before!

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