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As a global leader in the creation of children’s fiction and an award-winning creator of children’s TV and apps, story is at the heart of everything we do at Coolabi.

Within the group, made up of Coolabi and Working Partners, we have the skills and the experience in-house to tell our stories, whatever the medium.

Warriors, Beast Quest and Rainbow Magic are but three of the c.200 book series and c.2,000 titles we have created and licensed to publishers. Lifetime global sales exceed 200 million copies.

Clangers, Scream Street and Poppy Cat are just part of an award-winning roster of hit animated and live action TV shows developed and produced in house, and enjoyed the world over.


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Follow the Clangers as they live on their planet in outer space.

Series Younger Kids Puppet

The Clangers are unique, imaginary creatures; a family who live on a blue planet in space. They are inquisitive and adventurous creatures, who are loving and supportive of each other and their friends, communicating with their now famous high-pitched Clanger whistles.

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