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They're an international animation production and development company that partners with networks, brands, creators and producers to deliver high quality content in 2D and 3D across all platforms.


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My Brother the Monster

Let your emotions show!

2D Animation Series Older Kids

Mombou is a little anxious fur ball who rocketed down to earth from outer space and met Petunia in her backyard. She immediately adopted him and swore to protect him at all costs. However, Mombou's size changes depending on his mood. If he is anxious, bored, or overwhelmed, he shrinks and becomes this adorable energetic furball, but when he feels at ease or happy, he's the most tender giant on earth. For Mombou, life at school is hard at first, but Petunia and her friends help him feel secure and part of the group. Throughout the series, Mombou will be part of dozens of adventures that will transform him emotionally, and also the group of friends he’s fallen into.

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